Russell Hobbs Master Slow Cooker & Sous Vide

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  • Sous Vide - Looking to cook nutritious food that’s cooked just the way you like it? Whether it’s a perfectly cooked rare steak, a succulent salmon fillet or vegetables filled with flavour, you can do it all sous vide. So how does it work? 1) Add Sous Vide rack to sit within the ceramic pot. 2) Then simply add hot water and fill the ceramic pot to ½ way. 3) Press Sous Vide and adjust to desired temperature. 4) Load food into zip-locked bags. Slowly submerge into ceramic pot, to sit within rack and seal the bag. 5) Place lid on slow cooker and insert temperature probe into the water. 6) Press START to begin cooking.
  • Classic Slow Cooker - Ready to be used as a classic slow cooker, you can cook hearty home-cooked favourites from chicken curries and beef stews to your favourite chilli or even pulled pork. Simply add in your ingredients, set to your desired settings and you’re ready to go.
  • Temperature Probe - Whether you’re cooking a juicy roast chicken or a tender joint of beef to medium rare, the Temperature Probe makes sure it’s cooked to perfection.  Start by setting it to the heat you need as outlined in the information booklet. Then probe your meat and the digital display will show the current temperature of the meat. Once the meat gets to the pre-set temperature, the Sous Vide Slow Cooker will maintain this temperature, keeping it cooking at an optimum level whilst the digital display shows you how long the meat has been cooking.